The Meaning of Evolution (George Gaylord Simpson)

by George Gaylord Simpson

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A world-famous scientist presents a synthesis of modern views on the principles of evolution. The result of twenty-five years of research, The Meaning of Evolution follows the rise and fall of the dynasties of life through the 2,000,000,000 years of the history of earth. It explains what forces have been acting to bring about evolution and re-examines human aims, values, and duties in the light of what science discloses of the nature of man and of his place in the history of life. The clearest and soundest exposition of the nature of the evolutionary process that has yet been written...The book may be read with equal profit and pleasure by the general reader, the student, and the expert.-Ashley Montagu, Isis This book is, without question, the best general work on the meaning of evolution to appear in our time.-The New York Times
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