Quarry (Ally Kennen)

by Ally Kennen

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Release date 07.02.2011
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I've had bad experiences with Ally Kennen. Last year, her book, Sparks, was on the local book awards shortlist, and I can safely say that it was the worst book I've ever read in my life. So you can imagine my horror when I see she's gone and got on the shortlist again, this time with Quarry: as expected, it was terrible.

From the first page, I was bored to death. The opening scene was probably supposed to incite some sympathy for Scrappy, or make me want to read—in fact, it made me want to throw the book off a cliff. (No pun intended.) Scrappy's life situation is ridiculous. His grandad's senile, he has to look after him, he lives in a scrapyard, his Dad's angry all the time, his Mum just moved out, his school is dilapidated: et cetera. After about ten million lamentations about how horrible Scrappy's life is, I just about lost my will to live. In real life, yes, maybe it could happen—but it's hardly very likely. In a book, and an awful one at that, it feels like Kennen's just trying to make us like Scrappy by sympathising with him. It's pathetic, especially when Scrappy's not all that likeable of a character in the first place. One can't help thinking that he's pretty freaking stupid. You get a creepy text from an anonymous sender telling you to go into your cockroach infested school (yes, it's that dilapidated—you see my problem) while the bug exterminators are laying the place with poison. Hey, let's go and do it! Seriously. Someone has issues. He also repeatedly insists that certain people are 'Mr Mouse', which gets more than a little irritating when it's painfully obvious that it isn't them.

I think it was supposed to be exciting, but the first three quarters of the book were slow, boring, and generally like slogging through a swamp. That's one hundred and fifty pages of complete and utter crap, to put it bluntly. I swear none of the characters have normal names—there's Scrappy, Sheeley, Silva, Judge, and, God help me, a minor character was called Looby. I don't know about you, but when almost the entire cast has names worse than my ten year old self could think up, that's kind of distracting. The characterisation is stereotypical and somewhat sketchy at best. The writing style is mediocre and boring to read. It immediately turns me off, when I should be lost in the story. Several random plot threads appear out of nowhere and remain unexplained. For example, a bloodthirsty wasp from a foreign country appears and tries to murder Scrappy, when there's no way it could have possibly been there. This is dropped and never explained. Uh. Hello?

Near the end, it starts to get more exciting, and becomes less painful to read. I was interested to find out who 'Mr Mouse' was, though to be honest, the explanation was ridiculous to me. (view spoiler)