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by Ru Emerson

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Well, pretty good. I'm really happy this series became something more than what it began. Even though the first 3 were formulaic and I was really only reading for the swashbuckling character, I enjoyed that it started to come into its own in book 4. I enjoyed more than just the one character and the world got really interesting. Now that the series is completely over, I'm sad to think that I won't hear more about the characters and this world.

One neat thing this author consistently does is throw something completely original into everything she does. Even in the formulaic first 3 novels the magic system was innovative and cool, and something I have never seen anywhere else. The series didn't end with everyone falling in love and getting married - in book 4 the series continued afterwards, and we got to see real couples continuing on, still kicking ass as a married couple team. It was neat. And one of the heroines was fighting bad guys and taking on Scary Things while pregnant. Very pregnant. Fabulous.

Another thing that's really unusual about this series is that it doesn't rely on violence. Sure, there's the occasional scuffle, fight with people trying to kill our main characters, or defending the castle/loved ones, etc, but the bad guys (generally) aren't nailed on some secret commando assassination - the good guys compile evidence, testimony, witnesses, and proof, then legally after go after the bad guys. Only after everything is airtight and the evildoer has been warned to stand down (and he doesn't) do they send in the commando raids, and then the bad guys get to stand trial and face the judicial system. It sounds boring, but you'd never know that paper-pushing could be that exciting, ha! It's also nice to see a civilized medieval nation, rather than cowboy justice. It's also neat to see the same medieval nation opening up it's 500-yr isolation to steam power and telegraphs, and to get beyond the nation into a more global awareness. I liked that the characters were involved in international conspiracies and not just confined to the one country.

So over all - great series. Not something that would blow you away, not something that will live forever like Tolkien or be as well-loved as something like the Belgariad or Pern, but a good series that was entertaining and fun. I'm glad I hunted them down so I could read them, and I think I will keep the whole series. I also have a weakness for out-of-print gems like these, so I'm a little sentimental about keeping them, anyway. It makes me want to reread the rest of my out-of-print series that I've enjoyed over the years. I may just do that, even though I'm ridiculously behind on my other reading. Ha!
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